Group Therapy


 A basic aim of group therapy is personal change. Change is sometimes a slow process, involving "getting used to" new ideas and beliefs. Sometimes change happens quickly. Either way change is usually uncomfortable simply because it is different from what we have known in the past. This discomfort is often a necessary and important condition for positive results.

     Trust is another important part of growth in a group process. In order to develop trust, members in the group are encouraged to practice emotional honesty and direct communication, especially with feelings toward other group members and the facilitators. Risking, feeling at or near your own emotional edge is a core value of group therapy. Revealing intimate aspects of oneself is not mandatory, and many people achieve sufficient growth from working silently in group therapy; however, sharing your problems with others creates opportunities for growth by providing a sense of community and belonging which is a springboard to self-esteem, self-awareness and higher consciousness.

     The group decides agenda and structure during our meetings. This open atmosphere can be uncomfortable for new participants and sometimes takes a few meetings to gain a sense of belonging and connection in this style of meeting. A six-week commitment is required to start group even though many members sometimes choose to participate much longer; not because they need to, but because the experience of personal growth is exciting and rewarding.

      Ongoing Group participation requires a six consecutive week commitment to start, and two week's notice to the group to end. Commitment and notice are very important parts of the group process. Commitment means that you promise to be in attendance at all meetings. Notice means announcing to the group your intention to leave, at the beginning of the third group session prior to leaving, thus allowing two full weeks to say goodbye. Because there is limited space in group sessions, members are charged for group sessions whether in attendance or not until the end of their two-week notice to end. Group sessions are 90 minutes and range in cost per session depending financial need. Missed group meetings are billed to the participants personally not to insurance companies. Fees for ongoing groups are due at the first group meeting of the month for the entire month, and at the first meeting of time-specific groups for the entire time period. Fees for all groups are due for the entire period whether you attend all sessions or not. Missed, no-show, or late canceled appointments are billed at the full rate.

Group Schedule


Tuesday at 5:30 pm by invitation only.  Please call to see if group might be an option for you!